Solar Panels (PV) Systems

Brighter Future needs the Cleanest Energy

Greenway solar install solar panels (pv) systems.  Domestic , commerical , industrial , agricultural, schools and more. Each system is specially designed by an engineer to suite the build, clients needs and within regulations. our team will provide a system that will massively reduce your esb bill and provide you with battery storage and off grid .

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We also do maintenance which include washing pv pannels , checking all electrical compenants are operating perfectly . We do service checks on EV chargers and services and checks on robot lawnmowers to insure all systems are operating 100%

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General Electrical Work

We do general electrical work . Fuseboards , log cabins , new builds , sheds etc.

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Backup Generators

Back up generators and off grid supply’s installed and certed in the event of a power cut you will have a back up supply

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Solar Lighting

We also sell and supply solar lighting . We have a large selection of lights to choose from and we can install.  No electricity bills and a greener and brighter world

Solutions for a Green Energy Source

We install EV charging pionts throughout the country . Fitted to clients specific needs. Our chargers have many settings and are designed to save energy ( smart chargers ) . Our team will install and then certify the job.

Our team also install robot lawnmowers. One of our experienced engineers will come and acess the lawn and recommend a model designed specifically for the size and surface of the lawn.  We will then install , commission and certify the works carried out.

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Projects Completed

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