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As primary and secondary schools throughout Ireland continue to plan how and when they will be able to open up again fully to the students they exist to educate, there will be many demands on their time, attention and budget. The need to ensure everyone’s safety is, of course paramount; however, attention must also be given to sustainable solutions for ensuring a constant supply of energy, cutting operational costs and reducing the schools carbon emissions.

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Huge Savings

A solar PV system can save you up to €4000 per year on your schools electricity bill depending on the system you install.  This will make a dramatic difference to your homes running costs.

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Green Electricity

Generate your own electricity and in the event of power outages be self sufficient.

Think green 💚 and go

Looking to get solar panels for your school?

Solar panels for schools offer an effective and low maintenance solution to generating greener energy, as well as enabling any excess produced to be stored for future use. Additionally, having such a visible method of generating solar energy on the premises can act as an inspirational example for students and their families, not to mention an excellent opportunity for learning more about renewable energy and how to care for the world around them.

Your students can learn about the sophisticated IT, innovative technology and scientific know-how behind the creation of solar PV panels in the process, linking this to various subjects on the National Curriculum through science, geography and design.

The Benefits

Greenway Solar & Robotics are solar panel and renewable energy experts based in County Tipperary Ireland. If you are interested in having a solar PV installation or would like to learn more about the range of renewable energy options available for your home or commercial space, we would be happy to help. Our team holds years of experience in the solar power industry and can offer advice and expertise on any kind of project. If you want to learn more please get in touch with us today.


Lead by Example

Having a percentage of your energy generated by solar PV panels will help your students and their families understand more about how to produce sustainable, renewable energy and the many benefits it brings. You can also count this towards your Green Flag environmental award submission as it demonstrates working proactively towards lowering your carbon footprint, helping to reduce the strain on the National Grid.


Easy Installation

having the PV solar panels installed is straightforward and will not cause disruption to your schools working day. While it is preferable to schedule the installation outside of term time, if this is not possible, students and staff can still move about and work as normal during the works. The process is quick to complete and benefits from the latest photovoltaic technology and expertise to harness the maximum amount of energy from the sun to power your school

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Save Money

Your school will quickly see savings on your electricity bills and other essentials such as hot water, lighting and heating, which can translate into freeing up funds for other essential areas of operations. With our expertly designed system you can pay less than 3c per watt, resulting in low tariffs and easier budgeting, plus the system is low maintenance and should not require costly or frequent repairs and upgrades to work properly.


Reduce Emissions

Evidence shows that installing solar panels can reduce any organisation’s carbon footprint by cutting the number of greenhouse gases emitted. A medium-sized solar panel system can mitigate several tonnes of greenhouse gases over a single year, as well as help preserve valuable fossil fuels and cut down on air pollution from other forms of energy production.  Great to mention on your Green Flag environmental award submission.

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