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SEAI Government Grant

Backed by a €2400 seai government grant, what are you waiting for get in touch now for a free quote

At Greenway Solar, we specialise in assisting home owners, businesses, and farmers in Ireland with top-notch Solar PV solutions. 

When it comes to Solar PV installation, understanding costs and available grants is crucial. By requesting a quote from us, you not only gain insights into pricing but also initiate the process for a site survey, essential for accurate cost estimation. Additionally, having a quote is a prerequisite for applying for grants from the SEAI.

We ensure our clients receive three quality quotes from both local and national suppliers, offering a comprehensive selection for informed decision-making.

There are myriad benefits to adopting Solar PV for your Irish property. With solar panels installed, you’ll harness free electricity for the next 25 years, leading to substantial savings on your electricity bills. As electricity costs rise, your savings will correspondingly increase, contributing to a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

Moreover, surplus electricity generated can be exported back to the grid, earning you credits on your electricity bill and further reducing energy expenses. This not only enhances your energy independence but also bolsters your home’s security.

Join the sustainable energy movement today with Greenway Solar and receive three complimentary quotes for your solar PV system. Take the first step towards a greener, more cost-effective future with us.

5 things to look for in  your Solar PV Installer

  1. Will they help you save up to €2400 by assisting you with the application for  the SEAI grant
  2. Do they undertand that 1 size does not fit all.  Are they  dedicated to ensuring your solar photovoltaic solution is designed to meet your unique needs.
  3. Have they been successfully installing solar sytems for many years and do they have  happy customers.many
  4. Will they organise the BER cert for you as part of our installation service.
  5. Do they offer  after sales service that second to none. Are they always there for their customers if they have any issues or questions.

Take the most of what nature offers

Harnessing the power of the elements

At Greenway Solar and Robotics, we have more than a decade of experience in planning and installing solar PV systems in Tipperary and throughout Munster. We install a full range of solar panels and PV systems, batteries, and electric vehicle (EV) charging point solutions to make the most of this green energy. Our projects include installations at residential properties, commercial buildings and schools, for community initiatives, social enterprises and public sector schemes.

Solar Panels Ireland, The ideal solar electric installation for your home


For those seeking the optimal solar installation in Ireland, choosing the right configuration is paramount.

Selecting the ideal solar system involves various considerations, emphasizing the importance of a Solar PV company that listens attentively to your requirements. Key factors influencing your solar setup include:

  • Roof suitability: Assessing the orientation and shading of your roof to maximize panel placement.
  • Budget allocation: Determining your financial scope for the installation.
  • Current energy consumption: Understanding your household’s power usage.
  • Electric vehicle ownership: Considering the need for EV charging integration.
  • Heating methods: Evaluating existing or planned heating systems, including air pumps.
  • Household occupancy: Factoring in daily occupancy patterns.
  • Battery integration: Deciding on the inclusion of a battery storage solution.
  • Personal objectives: Identifying individual goals for installing PV panels.

Initiating this process begins with a solar survey, facilitated by providing your Eircode for location-specific power generation potential assessment. Subsequently, a detailed consultation incorporating your input and additional information forms the basis of crafting your ideal solar setup.

Throughout this journey, your aim is to gain comprehensive understanding of your investment, its rationale, benefits, associated costs, and overall impact on your household and finances. This deliberation should proceed at your pace, ensuring thorough comprehension and informed decision-making.

Should you sense any pressure or lack of transparency during this process, it’s advisable to explore alternative options. Given the substantial financial commitment involved, it’s imperative to feel confident in making well-informed choices that align with your needs and objectives.

SEAI Grants available for Irish homes


The SEAI now offers a generous grant of €2400 towards your solar panel installation costs, reflecting their commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions in Ireland. However, recent changes mean that the €600 previously allocated for battery storage assistance has been redirected, given the new incentive of earning for surplus power exported to the grid. For more details on these updates, click here to access information on recent SEAI grant modifications.

Upon approval, you have up to six months to avail of the grant funds. The application process is streamlined and efficient, with responses provided within 24 hours. To begin, simply request a quote from SolarShare for your optimal solar installation. Then, follow our straightforward three-step guide to accessing SEAI Grants.

Once your solar system is installed, we handle all communication with the SEAI on your behalf. From paperwork to form filling, our team ensures a hassle-free process, allowing you to effortlessly claim your grant payment. Enjoy the benefits of solar energy with peace of mind, knowing that SolarShare is here to guide you every step of the way.

Solar Ireland


Despite Ireland’s reputation for rain, the country boasts ample opportunities to harness the abundant solar energy from the sun. Surprisingly, every county in Ireland is well-suited for solar panel installation, thanks to the consistently good light conditions throughout the nation.

While the east coast of Ireland enjoys particularly favorable sunlight, with counties like Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Wicklow, Meath, Westmeath, Kilkenny, Carlow, and Offaly experiencing optimal conditions, solar energy potential is not limited to these areas. Darker regions on the solar map indicate areas with the best light, offering promising prospects for solar energy generation.

Interestingly, Ireland’s climate, characterized by bright but moderate temperatures, is actually ideal for solar panel efficiency. Unlike hotter climates where solar cells may become less effective, Ireland’s bright yet temperate conditions optimize solar energy extraction. Even during winter, when cold but bright days prevail, solar panels continue to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity.

Moreover, the modern solar panels available in Ireland are designed to generate electricity, unlike their predecessors that primarily produced hot water. This means you can power any electrical appliance in your home using solar energy, further maximizing the benefits of your solar panel investment. Embrace the potential of solar energy in Ireland and reap the rewards of sustainable, cost-effective power generation for your home.

So, it is clear that Ireland is a good location for for generating electricity using solar and the modern hardware been used by Irish installers offer the maximum benefit to Irish consumers, in particular in Dublin and along the east coast.

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